Emulsion Series

The Emulsion Series moves beyond dealing just with surface manipulation of colors and textures, though color plays a dominant role, beginning with the first step of collecting slide images.  Each stroke is built, layers of strong bold color and structural forms overlaid by thin sheer veils.  These layers combine to enhance the gesture, while the gesture defines and reinforces the differences in each layer of emulsion.

While working, I am submerged in the memories the images evoke.  A bridge structure rekindles the heat of the day – sun beating down, crusted metal hot to the touch, the smell of oil and discarded refuse drifting up from the train track bed…the memories are clear and sharp, experienced again through the act of working them in emulsion.

Each layer of illusion and perception is separate yet dependent upon the next to convey an overall sense of cohesion.  The superficial glance yields a general impression; a landscape, figure, gesture, but it is the underlying imagery imbedded in the emulsion that develops complexity within each piece. 

Emulsion Series: Scatterswirl
Emulson Series: Oval Whipt
Emulsion Series: Oval Whipt detail
Emulsion Series: Three Whippets
Emulsion Series: Spinout
Emulsion Series: Small Whipt
Emulsion Series: Landlines#2
Emulsion Series: Landlines#4
Emulsion Series: Landlines#3
Emulsion Series: Landlines#6
Emulsion Series: Landlines#7
Emulsion Series: Landlines#8
Emulsion Series: Landlines#9
Emulsion Series: Sitelines#5
Emulsion Series: Sitelines#3
Emulsion Series: Sitelines#9
Emulsion Series: Sitelines#1
Emulsion Series: Red Moon Rising
Emulsion Series: Landscatter
Emulsion Series: Landscatter detail
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