BFK Series

Beginning with large sculptural forms constructed out of a material that, while solid and tactile in nature, are presented in a manner as to make them a fleeting experience. It is that point between having a tangible grasp on the constructions and the whispered illusion of those forms that digital photography comes into play.  Capturing the subtle shifts of light and shape that define the paper structures and presenting them as abstracted fragments evokes that same ephemeral quality the original sculptures embodied. 

I am interested in the point where the form still exists, but teeters on the edge between recognition, memory and illusion.

Kristin S. Street

BFK Series: Funnel
BFK Series: Wing
BFK Series: Hole
BFK Series: Cup
BFK Series: Bowed
BFK Series: Arced Vee
BFK Series: Wish
BFK Series: Riffle
BFK Series: Orb
BFK Series: Lined
BFK Series: Vee
BFK Series: Vertical
BFK Series: Contour
BFK Series: Angled Vee
BFK Series: Crease
BFK Series: Diagonal
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