Cenotaph Series

Cenotaph: monument to the dead.

Monuments serve to commemorate, to celebrate and to recall memories of things gone from our present lives.  These memorials can take many forms and speak to each person with a different resonance depending on their relationship with the one being eulogized. Examining the structures that lie beyond the surface, beyond comprehension, whether strong, structural support or invasive, destructive erosion, has allowed a sense of awe and respect to replace the anger and frustration associated with the loss of a loved one.

Through five long years I witnessed my father battle and lose his personal war against cancer.  Over those same years I marveled as the true beauty and courage residing within him rose up to combat challenge after challenge.  It was the need to honor his fierce spirit and struggle, to make tangible the seeds of his defeat that compelled me to undertake this collection of drawings, based loosely on magnified cancer cells, of hidden worlds, within the Cenotaph Series. 

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