Pin Series

Works within the Pin Series explore the tension that exists between visual perception and physical reality.  Using straightforward, direct materials and simple flowing shapes, I work to create the illusion of a surface that is both lush and inviting.  The repetitive flow and circular motif perpetually restates the form, while the clustered arrangement of dark projections appears to be soft, velvety and almost hair like.  It is in taking a closer look that the illusion is altered.  Those inviting surfaces are actually sharp spikes that pierce through the surface of the paper in an aggressive manner. It is the subtle shift between invitation and threat that directs this body of work.

Pin Series: Oh Shot
Pin Series: Chatter
Pin Series: Concentric Circles
Pin Series: Hysterics
Pin Series: Re-Stated O
Pin Series: Swoosh
Pin Series: Thatch
Pin Series: Exposed
Pin Series: Exposed Land Mass
Pin Series: Tall Tales
Pin Series: Tall Tales detail
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